Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer: All Purchases are Limited to Two Hardwood Skilltoys or Hardwood Skilltoy Parts per Checkout. CWCS Custom Wound Speed Strings and Power Cord is limited to 5 Packages per Checkout including Two Hardwood Skilltoys or Hardwood Skilltoy Parts. We request this of our clients on the honor system but reserve the right to reject and refund any order that does not meet this Condition. We do this to ensure as many players as possible can enjoy our toys and to deter scammers and scalpers post sale. This protects our hard work and helps make sure you The Players get the access to these exceptional toys you deserve!

All toys are shipped within two days of purchase, shipping charges are mandatory for international and continental orders. 2 Item Limit for everything but Strings and Accessories. Re-Sellers and Scalpers will be immediately blacklisted and never permitted to purchase from Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys directly again. If you are seen using a bot to add things to your cart with code, you will be blacklisted for life as well. We make toys for honest, hard working people who want excellent toys to jam, not jerks looking to profit from our work and effort.

All toys chip and break in over time. Although the Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys paints and coatings are highly durable and self healing, abusive play or overly intense play will destroy any toy. We make extremely tough and durable toys and will replace factory defects at no charge to the client. This will be determined through email contact, photo evidence from the client and a quick chat to ensure we are not being taken advantage of. If we feel a client is dishonest with us or covering up abuse of their toy to get something new from us, they will also be blacklisted for life.

We are explicitly responsible to our clients and the quality of the toys we provide them. We ensure every toy goes out Play Placement Tested for reliability, balance and precision of production manufacture at every stage from the purchase of raw goods to final packaging of the finished Skilltoy. We ensure at every corner you will receive a reliably playable, hyper balanced Skilltoy when you choose to buy from Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys. If we have failed in our manufacture of the toy you purchase, we believe it's reasonable you should have it replaced. We agree and all we expect is reasonable engagement if we have screwed up.

We recommend these toys for players of all skill levels, but we insist that 7+ Year of Age be respected for the appropriate age range for Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys Products. These toys are highly engineered and made from extremely high grade hardwoods, these toys can seriously injure a child younger than 7 Years Old if left unsupervised in unskilled hands. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE AGE APPROPRIATE NATURE OF SKILLTOYS LIKE OURS AND ONLY PROVIDE THESE TOYS TO PEOPLE AND PLAYERS 7 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER.

Thanks for your time, please let us know if we can serve you in any way!