Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys
  • Mt.Logan

    CWCS is proud to bring to you our newest line of Protege2 Kendamas. 

    The Protege2 series of Kendamas is our way of prototyping key aspects of the CWCS product lines while making them available to players world wide to enjoy alongside of our Team. This round we are providing our two newest Performance Coatings, Cloud9 Gloss and Porcelain2 on premium foreign made Beech Kendamas. A reliable classic shape with modern performance!

    is that new friend you feel like you've known for years, comfortable but fresh and exciting! This tama boasts a Forest Green top and a 60/40 Colour Swap with the White around the bevel and the Maple Leaf on the top.

    Completely hand stenciled, painted and finished with the CWCS Porcelain2 finish providing tack that's smooth and dry to the touch and grippy and stompable in play, Mt.Logan is made for Lunar tack without mucking up Light House stability. Very "squeaky" and grippy yet not rubbery to the touch. This paint feels pre-broken in fresh out of the bag for a satisfyingly familiar and totally new vibe!

    Every Protege2 Kendama comes with a single White Speed String, an Acrylic Bead and Stickers.