Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys
Canadian Wood Custom Skilltoys is pleased to announce that we are available to provide wholesale, completely customized Kendamas and Skilltoys to stores and kiosk vendors!

With the added bonus of doing smaller orders (5-10 toys,) all the way up to large orders, (200+ toys,) we also provide our clients with Custom Paint Options. This adds value to your unique toys and makes them one of a kind and only available through you!

This means that the color options you choose are yours alone! Be creative, providing higher return on your shelf stock! With innovative packaging that allows the customer to see, touch and feel the toy in packaging that also cuts down on shipping weight while only using 10% more shelf or hanger space.

We will ship with your preferred logistics provider as well, otherwise we use Canada Post for up to 20 toys or FedEx for larger quantities. We are using PayPal for the time being to process these transactions, all prices are in USD.

Contact us with the information below and we will be happy to provide you a current stock spread sheet and paint color chart!

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